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Dear Diary Chords

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          Am        Em 
          Dear Diry today was a good day
          Am            Em
          Bought myself a brand new horse
          Am                   Em
          Shes strong and fast and so very beautiful
          Am                Em
          And just a little wild of coarse
          Bm              G
          I know tommorow i can tame her
          Am        Em
          If I only believe
          Bm                 G      
          Wish me luck Diary    Christopher Reeve 

other lyrics are 
Dear diary today was a good day
papa and I picked wild flowers
mama joined and we lay in sunshine 
Then we sang an danced for hours 
I know tommorow will be even better 
so the good lord I thank 
Ill wright more later love   Anne Frank

Im pretty sure this is right 
If its not well who cares right but it sounds right to me