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Classic Rock Song Chords

I watched the video of lynch playing this and these are the real chords

D: x x 0 2 3 2
C: 0 3 2 0 1 0
G: 3 2 0 0 0 3

D C G C (play 2X)

D                  C
Get home late from work tonight
G              C
Baby my body's achin'
D                       C
Can't stop thinkin bout you and me
        G                  C
And the love that we'll be makin'
     D                            C
So I chill the champagne, light a candle or two
G                               D
(Baby, all the things that I'll do to you)
D                   C                  G       (mute)
I love you so much, my little heart is breakin'
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           D  C   G
Let's make lo-o-o-ove
        C          D  C   G
Oh baby let's make lo-o-o-ove
                  C      D   C   G
Your body fits me like a glo-o-o-ove
        C          D  C   G
So baby let's make lo-o-o-ove
                       D    C       G       
(oooh baby, let's make lo-o-ove, oh yeah!
     C          D        C      G         C   D C G C
Baby let's make lo-o-ove yea-ah alright)

Verse 2:
D            C               G          C   
Ain't nobody in the world in love as we are
D             C                    G               C
Makin love to you is like being in-side a shooting star
        D           C            
Now I'm in so deep, baby we're groovin'
G                    C
(Lovin' the way your body's movin')
       D                  C              G
Then I pull it out just a little bit too far.

And I accidently stick it... 

             D  C   G
in your butt ho-o-o-ole
         C            D  C   G
I put it in your butt ho-o-o-ole
             C         D  C   G  
I swear that wasn't my go-o-o-oal
              C                D  C   G
To put it all up in your booty ho-o-o-ole.

      D                           C                            D
And I swear, I'll never do it again, unless you kinda liked it.

Hope you all enjoy playin it as much as I do!!! Rock On !!!