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Beelz Chords

                               Stephen Lynch
You can play the power chord for the first few lines and when he says my name is satan, 
pick bass note then the rest. This tab is as accurate as i can make it.

     E           F                   G
Ever since first man has walked this Earth I have been here
    E            F                 G
To whisper seeds of doubt and evil thoughts into his ear
         E          F             G
I am the beast, the outcast angel fallen from on high
  E          F        G
I go by many names by there is one you can't deny
My name is Satan, hi everybody!
Ahh, let me tell you a little about myself
C                                  C7
My friends all call me old scratch and I am a Capricorn
F                                  C
My turn ons are romantic walks and killing the unborn
G                                  F
I've got little devil horns, and a little Goatee,
G                           F
Little devil eyes to help a little devil see
G                                F
Little cloven hoofs that make it kinda hard to ski
I'm Satan, Woo Hoo!
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C                              C7
My real name is Beelzebub, but you can call me Beelz
F                                    C
I love to watch Fox news and then go club some baby seals
G                                F
Then I'll take a bubble bath and drink a zinfandel
G                    F
Try to wash off that baby seal smell
G(strum each note slowly)
And then I'll make a toast to me
Hey, here's to my hell...
My name is Satan. Ah Hah!

Am                       G
To carry on my evil ways I went and had a son
Am                               F       G
And now he makes his living as a singing comedian
I'm in every Zeppelin album
I'm in all Rush Limbaugh's rants
F                                      C
I'm the reason that the Boston Red Sox even had a chance
G                               F
And if I want to eat your soul, I'll just throw it on a griddle.
G                            F
I don't need to make a deal, I don't need to tell a riddle
G                                F
And fuck Charlie Daniels I don't care if he can fiddle
I'm Satan.
G A# C
       The Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal
G A# C
       Thats fucking bullshit because I wouldn't be caught dead in Georgia
Ok, it's like Oh my God!
F G  B   B     B
     Six, Six, Six!

That's it. The B's for "six six six" are actually the B finger scooted up 1 fret. I 
that would just be called B#. And the A# you can play as just an A scooted up 1 fret. Hope 
like it!