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Cupid Called Chords

Tuning: Standard
+ Capo 4th fret 

Chords Used : 

     D             Dsus4              A              A7               G
|----2----|      |----2----|     |----0----|     |----0----|     |----3----|
|----3----|      |----3----|     |----2----|     |----2----|     |----3----|
|----2----|      |----0----|     |----2----|     |----0----|     |----0----|
|----0----|      |----0----|     |----2----|     |----2----|     |----0----|
|----X----|      |----X----|     |----0----|     |----0----|     |----2----|
|----X----|      |----X----|     |----X----|     |----X----|     |----3----|

Note: The Dsus4 may not be right, but I think it sounds good.

Pattern (verse): 

Time signature = 6/8

  1   2   3,   4   5   6 

The pattern is the same for all chords in the verse except A which gets a single downward strum

(Verse 1)
D                                 Dsus4
Cupid called and said he wants to tell you 
        A7                       D       A
That he needs my heart back from you soon.
   D                            Dsus4
So I got out of bed and went to find you
           A7                  D                A 
So I could get my heart back before it was too late.

Strum pattern for Pre-Chorus and Chorus: 
[ Tab from: ]
Time signature = 6/8    d= down strum,   u= up strum

1    2   3   4     5   &   6   &
D            D         u   D   u
G                    A
Accidents happen and Cupid can miss
       D                  A
The target he's trying to get me.
      G                  A
But luckily, you were an accident that
       D                          A         G
Made a hat trick look like it was easy, oh.


D         A              G                 A
Candy and hearts aren't enough to make you see that
D           A                 G             A
This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.


(Verse 2)
D                               Dsus4
Cupid called and asked if I had found you.
               A7                      D     A
But there's no sign of you around here anymore
   D                                Dsus4
So I took out my phone and tried to call you
           A7                           D
So I could get a hold of you before you had my heart 
for good.

Pre-Chorus (x1)

Chorus (x1)

Strum pattern for outro:

Time Signature = 6/8

1     2   &   3   &   4     5   &   6   &
D     D   u   D   u   D     D   u   D   u

D                      A  
What was I thinking to take my heart away from 
G       A
        D     A   G   A       D (single strum) 
But the truth i---s:  I love you.