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Nobody Gets Hurt Chords

Nobody Gets Hurt – Stephen Bruton
G/// F C x 4

(G) There’s a light on, in your (C7) eyes that should not be there
(G) Come any closer and I’m (D7) afraid of what I’ll do
(G) We don’t want to live our lives with (C)lying and (C7)excuses

(G) Stay where you (A) are, Baby
(G) Don’t say another (A) word
(C7) Do what I (D7) say and nobody gets hurt
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Now we both have someone waiting for us somewhere
While we’re standing at the crossroads of disaster and desire
We’re the least of all the trouble we’d be starting


(G) Nobody gets (Bb) hurt; nobody gets (G) blamed
Nobody’s (F) standing in the mirror; (D) staring at the face of shame



Now this ain’t the kind of hurt that time won’t get us over
You know that stopping now is the only right thing we can do
We’ll always share the secret wondering if it happened

(Chorus x 2)

Solo and out (chorus chords)