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Dirty Work Chords

Capo 1st Fret

Am        Dm
Times are hard
       G                C
Youre afraid to pay the fee
       F             Bb
So you find yourself somebody
               C       G
Who can do the job for free
Am                     Dm
When you need a bit of lovin
           G             C
Cause your man is out of town
          F            Bb
Thats the time you get me runnin
        C           Dm
And you know Ill be around
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C    F               Am
Im a fool to do your dirty work
Oh yeah
C      F             Am
I dont wanna do your dirty work
No more
C    F               Am
Im a fool to do your dirty work
Bb            C   F
Oh yeah

Am        Dm
Light the candle
G                     C
Put the lock upon the door
F                           Bb
You have sent the maid home early
       C              G
Like a thousand times before
Am                     Dm
Like the castle in its corner
C             G
In a medieval game
F                  Bb
I foresee terrible trouble
C                        Dm
And I stay here just the same


(Sax Solo) G Em G Em F G Dm

Chorus (fade)