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Marguerita Time Chords

Marguerita Time
Status Quo

Verse 1:
E                              H
Captured my heart, captured my memory,
           C#m          G#m            
Captured a time for me, I could see,
 F#m               H         
A time for me was gonna be.
           E                 H
Deep in my heart, deep in my memory,
          C#m         G#m
Deep in a part of me, heart of me,
F#m          H
Meant to be History,
F#m              H
Could it be that I'm still wanderin'

E                     A
I never knew what had happened to me,
H                     E
I didn't think it was true,
E                         A
That I could be just like anyone else,
H                        E
I'll take my chance with you.

| A | H | E |
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Verse 2:
            E                H
Picture a dream, picture a fantasy,
            C#m         G#m
Picture the mood of me, mystery,
F#m          H
You and me a mystery.
            E               H
Lost in a dream, lost in a fantasy,
             C#m           G#m
Lost in what seemed to be, dreams to me,
F#m            H
Seemed to be, had to be,
F#m              H
Couldn't find no other reason,

Chorus - 

| A | H | C#m | A | E | H | E |

Verse 3:
             E                  H
Lets have a drink, it's marguerita time,
         C#m          G#m
It's marguerita time after nine,
F#m          H 
Summer time, anytime,
F#m                  H
You'll still always find me wanderin'

Chorus -