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Carry Me Back Chords

	         Carry Me Back - The Statler Brothers

Tabbed by: Dave S. 

Tuning: Standard

Artist: Statler Brothers
Album: The Best of the Statler Bros.
Year: 1975

D                          A7              D
Carry me back, Lord, while I still got the time
                 D7         G                D
Is Jimmy through servin his hitch with Uncle Sam
                                        E                      A7
Do the kids still spend Saturday nights drivin round Hamburger Dans
    D           D7             G               D
Did Jackie ever make it to the streets of Hollywood
                                         A7         D
and Bobby Id love to see him again and I would if I could

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         D7       G               D
Carry me back and make me feel at home
                                   Em           A7
Let me cling to those memries that wont let me alone
      D             D7         G              D
Where it was always summer and she was always mine
                         A7              D
Carry me back Lord while I still got the time

D                       D7         G                   D    
Does the preacher still visit when some poor soul gets down
       D                 D7      E                 A7
Do the stores still stay open on Friday nights downtown
   D              D7                 G                   D
Is Joann still as pretty as when she wore my high school ring
                                           A7                D
When you see her tell her I said July 1959 shell know what I mean

(Repeat Chorus 2x)