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Unashamed Chords

Verse 1
   Bb	     C	        Dm
I have not much to offer you
       Bb		C        Dm
Not near what you deserve
        Bb    C	      Dm
But still I come because your cross
       Bb		C        F
Has placed in me my worth
Oh Christ my king of sympathy
Whose wounds secure at peace
Your grace extends to call me friend
Your mercy sets me free
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	Bb	    C
And I know Iím weak 
   Dm		Am
I know Iím unworthy 
     Bb      C            Dm	Am
To call upon your name
           Bb	  C
But because of grace 
      Dm	   Am
Because of your mercy 
   Bb	       C          F
I stand here unashamed

Verse 3
I canít explain this kind of love 
Iím humbled and amazed
That you come down from heavenís heights 
And greet me face to face


	F	      Bb
Here I am at your feet
	F		Bb
In my brokenness complete (8x)