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Zombie Christ Chords

Star Fucking Hipsters
Zombie Christ
Tabbed by: Canttellwhat

Hey rude boys and girls. This song is broken up into three different parts. Please 
note that the intro is also the pre-chorus.
Listen to the song if you have trouble.
There are 5 chords you need to know, and they are the following:

   C  G Eb Bb  Ab  ~`*NOTE: These are not the correct chord names.  
 E-x--3--x--6--4            However they are close enough.

~Intro: palm mute after you play the chord the 2nd time.
(C x2-> G x2-> Eb x2-> Bb x2) <- Play this riff twice.

~Instrumental chorus:
Eb -> C -> Ab -> Bb x2

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C                Ab
eyes are gouged, I cannot see
Eb                      Bb
the mouth that's chewing chunks of me
C                 Ab
been ripped apart from ass to head
Eb        Bb
fed on by the undead
C                     Ab
your lips are colored red with gore
Eb               Bb
I'm bleeding out across the floor
C             Ab
I'm gonna die, I won't survive
Eb         Bb
but I'll be back alive


C -> G -> Eb -> Bb
       he preach-ed 
C -> G -> Eb -> Bb
       and bleed-ed
C -> G -> Eb -> Bb
      brain feed-ed's
C -> G -> Eb -> Bb
what the bible says


Eb ->
                C->               Ab ->
  dismembered me   with no memory
life, it just ain't quite the same when you are feasting on my...

blood is draining down my back
my head's an embryonic sac
the cord stranglin's umbilical
from sliced up guts you pulled
all of the ribs above my heart
you chewed with teeth to tear-apart
The love is all gone from your eyes
your christ was hypnotized

he preach-ed and bleed-ed
brain feed-ed's what the bible says

dismembered me with no memory
life, it just ain't quite the same when you are feasting on my brain
you've gone insane
now there's no pain
all that's left is afterbirth together, we must roam the earth