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The Path Is Paved Chords

Hello Rude boys and girls.
This song is very easy. It is off their "Until we're Dead" cd.

    C    C#    G#   G
E-  8    9     4    3
A-  10   11    6    5
D-  10   11    6    5   Listen to song if you get lost,
G-  9    10    5    4   or it doesn't sound right.
B-  8    9     4    3   You may need to in order to figure out rythem.
e-  8    9     4    3

C                  C#
the conquistadors, they all vomit lies
C                    C#
and the raped people are left with empty eyes
C                        C#
and in their reflections, you are hypnotized
another destroyed culture
you have left traumatized
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G          G#
you hypnotize
G              G#
god-damn your eyes
G              G#
god-damn your eyes 
your fucking lies

and their maps of conquest
they chart the unknown seas
and they're malicious gift
is in a new disease
they pray to broken crosses
then they pontificate
they leave a trail of bloodshed
that paves the police-state

and now they are the legends
the kings of industry
the genocide of millions
clear cut the forest trees
they meet at giant tables
to divide the spoils
they play their games of leisure
upon the bloodied soils

the more the path is paved
the more we give away
and moss blocks out the day
and stone turns into clay
you've worn out every mask
the first one leaves at last
you've mastered every task
but you'll die with the past