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Empty Lives Chords

This sounds pretty good on an acoustic guitar, but the actual song sounds a lot different.
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Em                    C
And when your mind is dead
C                      G
Empty eyes sit in your head
G                          D
And ya sense thers nothing left
D                   Em
With every passsing breath
Em                     C
But ya soldier on each day
C                              G
Why should thoughts get in the way?
G                             D
There's a place for you right here
D                      G
cause conformity hides Fear
G          C     D Em Gb G
I'd say to you
I'd say to you
G            C
Just try and chang
C                    D
Empty lives can fill again
D                       Em
We're not doomed by any fate
Em                  Gb G
And it can never be to late
G                         C
Unless ya die like all my friends
C                    G
Meeting silent jaded ends
G                       D  
Then a lesson might bbe learned
D                      Em
Ypou can fade away and burn
Em                        C
the two are not exclusive things 
C                        G
But the sorrow that they bring
G                     D
it can jade us all to hate
D                        G
Cause emprty lives don't devestate

repeat chorus, you know the rest. Make sure to listen to the song and figure out the right timing.