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Sometimes Good Guys Chords

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                 "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White"
                               (Ed Cobb)


	E   A    D   A    [2X]
	/ / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	       E        A         D      A
	I'm a poor boy born in a rubble
	     E           A                 D     A
	And some say my manners ain't the best
	     E           A                  D             A
	And some of my friends, yeah, they been in real trouble
	     E               A               D      A
	And some say I'm no better than the rest

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	                         B                   B  C  B
	But [2,3: So] tell your mama and your papa
	              [N.C.]             E   A   D   A  [2: repeat E-A-D-A]
	Sometimes good guys don't wear white, yeah

Verse 2:

	Every day, baby, I work hard
	And it's true at night I spend the restless time
	But those rich kids and all their lazy money
	Can't hold a candle to mine

[repeat chorus]

	 G                     C
	Good guys, bad guys, which is which
	      G                         C
	The white-collar worker or the digger in the ditch
	      G                    C
	And, who's to say who's a better man
	When I've always done the best I can

[repeat intro]

Verse 3:

	A-bad words and dirty minds
	All those messed-up chicks of the changing times
	White pills and easy livin'
	Can't replace the love I'm givin'

[repeat chorus]

Coda [rant over E-A-D-A to fade]:

	Ha, I mean to tell you
	You better tell your mama and your papa somethin'
	I'll split, I'll find myself another chick, yeah
	Ah, just for kicks
	You think those guys in the white collars are better than
	       I am?  Then flake off!
	You don't dig this long hair?  Get yourself a crewcut, baby!
	Yeah!  I mean what I say!  I don't need nobody, baby [fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers