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Riot On Sunset Strip Chords

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                         "Riot On Sunset Strip"
                     (Tony Valentino - John Fleck)


	(hi-hat, 2 bars)

	(guitar [2X, continue into verse]; organ and bass play B throughout)

	  (B5)    (D5)      (B5)      (A5)
	   v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v


	I'd go down to the Strip tonight
	I'm not on a stay-home trip tonight
	Long hair seems to be the main attraction
	But the heat is causing all the action

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	Am       G     Am    C
	Bright lights everywhere
	 F#      G         Am          C
	Pretty girls with long blonde hair
	F#       G       Am        C         G    F#
	But somehow the people   they don't care


	    B   D#m/A#        G#
	It just doesn't seem fair
	    B                D#m/A#     G#
	To bug you 'cause you got long hair
	 B      D#m/A#    G#               F#
	Even the parents are beginning to stare


	 B  [continue with intro riff]
	Because of the sirens on our streets
	They used to be neat
	But now it's just a place for black and white cars to race
	It's causin' a riot
	It's causin' a riot, yeah

[guitar solo over intro riff, 8X]

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus]

[repeat post-chorus]

Coda [ranted over intro riff]:

	It's causin' a riot
	It's causin' a riot, everywhere
	People   runnin' around, riots everywhere
	Pushin', pushin', pushin' everywhere [fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers