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From: (Chris Butler)
Subject: CRD: Stan Rogers - Lies

Lies - Words & Music by Stan Rogers
   G                                  D/F#
At last the kids are gone now for the day
    Em              C             G                 D/F#
She reaches for the coffee as the school bus pulls away
  G                              D/F#
Another day to tend the house and plan
    Em               C              G                D/F#
For Friday at the Legion when she's dancing with her man

     G                        D/F#
Sure was a bitter winter, but Friday will be fine
    Em                                  C
And maybe last year's Easter dress will serve her one more time
      G                                D/F#
She'd pass for twenty-nine but for her eyes
    Am               D/F#           G
But Winter lines are telling wicked lies
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   Am G/B C D C                  G                     Am      D/F#
All lies....           All those lines, they're telling wicked lies
Am G/B C  D   C
Lies....  All lies....
Too many lines there in that face
    A                       C
Too many to erase or to disguise
     D/F#            G     *     D    *     Am G/B C D C
They must be telling lies

Is this the face that won for her the man
Whose amazed and clumsy fingers slipped that ring upon her hand
No need to search that wirror for the years
The menace in their message shouts across the blur of tears

So is this beauty's finish?  Like Rodin's "Belle Heaulmiere"?
The pretty maiden trapped inside the ranch wife's toil and care
Well, after seven kids, that's no surprise
But why cannot the mirror tell her lies?


She shakes off the bitter web she wove
Turns and puts the mirror gently face down by the stove
She gathers up her apron in her hand
Pours a cup of coffee, drips Carnation from the can

And thinks ahead to Friday, 'cause Friday will be fine
When she'll look up in that weathered face that loves hers line for line
To see the maiden shining in his eyes
And laugh at how the mirror tells her lies

Chorus x 2


* means same chord, new measure

For the chords in the chorus (Am G/B C D C), I usually play about one
strum each - do whatever sounds good.

D/F#: 200232
G/B:  x20030 (or plain G works well, too)

Chris Butler aka -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-