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Good Morning Chords

Good Morning

       bm            E                  A
Tucked up tipping on two, which will it be? 
                 D       G    f#m
I don’t want none of your charity
             bm             E
So slap me silent knock me down
             A           D          G    A
Dig a little hole in the ground and kiss me
||: bm G D (C G F#) :|| 2X

          bm                E
Play me a song, the slowest song
A               D
One to calm me down
       G      f#m         bm         E
With a hum of angels and a circle of screams
        A           D
Saying “fuck it my friend,”
       G         f#m
“It’s gone, it’s gone”
     bm        E 
Sing one more song 
         A         D
sing it, all night long
     G  A
and say 
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||: bm G D (C G F#) :|| 2X [4x during solo]

[E bm E D E bm G D G D G D G D G D G D] 2x

        bm         E
Wake me up tomorrow
          A          D
God I’ve got more in me
         G              f#m         bm              E  
I could sleep a million years if you stretch my luck again
     A            D
For just one more day
      G  f#m     bm
Then Lord send me away
E      A                D
I just want to hear them say
             G  A
I just want to hear
[bm E A D G D/F#] 4x
Good morning, good morning, good morning…

end solo
||: bm G D (C G F#) :|| 2X

[bm E A D G D/F#] 2x