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So Simple Chords

weeeh!! first ko to'!! ahaha! di ako sure kung etO ba tlga ang chords.. gawa2x ko lng 
juz tel me if something's wrong.. okey!!
paRa to sa mga ka-banda ko!! BAPAGOSI!!!...wheeew!!

(it could all be so simple, simple)

don't need high heels
for a good feel
          F               G
you can keep the fancy clothes
             F           G
i'll take walkin in the rain
F                 G
over things material
            C               G
i'll trade melrose and the big names
          F           G
give me faces that i know
      F          G       F          G
just play a melody that everybody knows

C               G
take it down, down, down
      F              G
and strip it to the core
F               G                 F           G
i don't really need much less is more, more, more

[ Tab from: ]
C        G            F
true to life, true to me
     G               C
the way it's got to be
   G          F           G
so simple, so simple, so simple
C        G            F
live to love, love to be
   G          C
absolutely free
    G          F       G
(so simple, so simple, simple)

(same chords!! so on and so on!)

give me wisdom, plain and truthful
teach me somethin i don't know
plain as education, inspiration i suppose (yeah yeah)
give me family, on a sunday
and i'll be just fine
there's nothing in the world
that's worth more of my time

take it down, down, down
and strip it to the core
i don't really need much less is more, more, more

(chorus x2)

livin my dream, is my song to the world
(let 'em hear it)
sharin' my soul and spirit
i'm hopin that you hear it
got one (one) life (life) to live (live)
it's only what you make it (make it)
every new day's a chance worth takin

(chorus x2)

hope na enjoy mO..
dedicated to BAPAGOSI..