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Middle Of The Night Chords

This is the way I play Middle of the night by stabilo....I think it sounds right,
but you be the judge. This is one of the all time best songs ever!! So enjoy!

Capo on 3


G  D/F#  Em  D/F# (Strum/picked)
Then Start to strum it fully

Em           C9             D/F#       G
 Friendly faces, welcome always, anyday
 Light up a smile, and realize, it's not too late to change your mind
 Take a train, yeah, swing from a thread, mother natures muddy water rolls 
right over my head
 Well Mr.Mystery Passes by and says, son Im glad youre still alive today
 So am I, so say hey, so say hi
 But why would mr. mystery care about me anyway
 Why would mr.mystery care about me anyway...

Then: Em C9 D/F# and then on the e string, still hanging on the D/F# chord,
you play D/F#, 200230, 200235, 200233 and into the chorus
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G                       D/F#                      Em
 When tears feel like rain, I'm licking my lips
                          D/F#                         G
 You could never understand it, it's just the way it is
                                  D/F#                        Em  
 And I've been running from these demons, for most of my life
                                 D/F#                        G D/F#  Em D/F#
 And I can still feel them watching me, in the middle of the night

Same as Verse 1

So you say that you do not know me well, I do not know myself
What I am, who Ill be, so dont try to make sense of me
So you say that you do not love me well, I do not love myself
I never wanted to be the one tying you down, but I really do hope you are, happy now


Then, sticking with the chords from the chorus...

I wanna be here forever, I wanna be young forever, let's dance the sky together,
Oh on another day and then we'll fade away
Then you'll go, but you just dont see, I wanna be you but you wanna be me,
Come on come on come on come on come on and everybody just dance with me

then, slow the chorus down....

Climbing mountaintops, I had a thing for you
You're enchanting smile, and you're eyes were cool
You would fall behind, but I would wait for you
Everybody's gone ahead, and you I just smile and shake my head
You don't know who you are, but you will never know, you will never know, Oh...
(then back to the part right before this - I wanna be young forever...etc.)

Then finish with the chorus!!!

Hope this makes sense...listen to the song for timing and rhythym! It sounds great
this way to my ear...enjoy!!