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Sunny Day Chords

Sunny Day
(Thomas Hansen)

A Bm G D Em D Bm 
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A             Bm
  Yeah here I am again
G       D           Em
  Got a lot of money
      D               Bm
Gonna roll right over you
A              Bm
  Steppin on a sunny day
G           D                  Em
  If you're there then I will stay
           D                Bm
Bring some love and honey, too

G        D                       Bm
  Take a jump to leave the ground
         A                  G
Take the things that I have found
            D                  Bm  
Put on some clothes and walk away
G              D
  Driving on a perfect way
Bm       A                   G
  Nobody knows what you will say
        D               Bm
We're divided from the grey

G D Bm