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Changes Chords

F         G
Sit by my side
        C             Am
Come as close as the air
F          G         Em
Share in a memory of gray
    Am           F
And wander in my words
G               C
Dream about the pictures
      Am - F - G C
That I paint of changes

F               G
Green leaves of summer
C               Am
Turn red in the fall
F               G
To brown and to yellow
They fade
Am                    F
And then they have to die
G                  C
Trapped within the circle time
Am-F-G     C
Parade of changes

F            G
Scenes of my young years
    C          Am
Are warm in my mind
F          G            Em
Visions of shadows that shine
Am             F
Till one day I returned
G                       C
And found they were the victims
       Am-F-G    C
Of the vines of changes
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F                    G
The world's spinning madly
C                Am
It drifts in the dark
F                G         Em
Swings through a hollow of haze
Am                 F
A race around the stars
(A race around the stars)
   G                   C        Am-F-G
A journey through the universe ablaze
(A journey through the universe ablaze)
With changes

F                  G
Your tears will be trembling
C                   Am
Now we're somewhere else
F               G             Em
One last cup of wine, we will pour
         Am                F
And I'll kiss you one more time
G                    C
And leave you on the rolling
       Am-F-G   C
River shores of changes

Am                     F
I'll kiss you one more time
(I'll kiss you one more time)
G                    C             Am-F-G
And leave you on the rolling river shores
(And leave you on the rolling river shores)
Of changes