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Its Over Tab

Band: Squish
Song: It's Over
Album: The Smelly Armpits Rock

This is a fucking awesome song and its piss easy as well so give it a
go. I found some variation with the D and A chords in the intro but
its pretty easy to figure out just listen closely

INTRO:-    D      A       C  G     D       (x2)

D               A
I had this dream in life
              C                         G
I was to grow up rich and famous
             D         A       
But Im 26 and sit on the couch
       C                        G
and never stop complaining
D                        A
What I need is a kick up the ass
     C                   G
to get me on my feet
             D                        A 
Get my life on track and cut some slack
      C                    G
To get me off this seat.


D           A
I was a young boy once
           C                       G
Twas when I had this dream
      D                      A
I’ve never been the same again
     C                    G
or so it wouldn’t seem
      D                      A
To have a dream is one thing but
    C                        G
I never dreamt that you
            D                       A
would fuck my life up, twist it round
        C                 G
and take me for a fool.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/squish/its_over_tab.html ]
      D       A           C        G    
Its ooooover    Its ooooover   (x 2)
D                A                       C                    G
You didnt trust me and you treat me like a child
              D       A               C         G                      D    
Now its ooooover       Its ooooover.   Ive had enough


D               A
Since you left that door
           C                    G
It has never been the same

                  D                        A
Ive got no girlfriend got no job
      C            G
Its drivin me insane
      D                       A
To have a dream is one thing
         C                         G
but I never dreamt that you
            D                     A
would leave me here alone
                  C                    G
Why did I take you for a fool


                         D         A                  C       G
I wish it wasnt ooooover      But its ooooover   (x2)
D          A                  C                      G
I never trusted you I treat you like a child
                     D          A                     C      G                                D
And now its ooooover       Yeah its ooooover . Youre gone 4 good.

The Middle Eight is just with these chords

Dm     Am      F        C


      D            A
To dream is one thing
         C                          G
But I never dreamt you know
                               D                  A 
That you were the one, my only one
C            G           D    
Why did I let you go?

Well that is the complete song and its sooo easy. Some kick ass lyrics
as well. If you wanna know more about this band then just email me at
Cya l8er and dont stop rockin!!!!