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Maidstone Chords

Intro: D   G   A

D              G                 A

  Supermarket lights burn in the darkness

Em                   D/F#              G              A

  The chilly winter nights bring the scarves from the drawer

D                    G                A

  A crowd starts to gather on paving stone squares

Em                 D/F#          G               A

  Teeth start to chatter as the staff leave the store

      Bm           G           D            A

And daughters meet mothers and fathers meet sons

     Bm                G               D   G  A

It's too dark to walk home without anyone

The shopping precinct's closed, it's like a graveyard

The chain falls through the spokes as I unlock my bike

I cycle to the pub where I meet with my friends

And I know that it's love as she pours me my pint

    Bm               G            D                   A

And strangers meet strangers and friends share their lives

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  Bm           G                      D      Bb

I look at her again and feel butterflies

           Am             G  NC

I pull the pillow to my side

        D            A  NC

And I imagine it is her

     Am               G  NC

As I slip into the night,

  D               A  NC

I know what I prefer

      Em         D/F#          G            D/F#

But I hope and I pray that one day she will say


That's it's true

         C           G/A     D    G  A

I can't live without loving you

Now there's no one around I push the bike home

The rain's a lovely sound as it runs down the path

There's our lights in the road, they amber the night

And there's nobody home, so I soak in the bath

And bubbles meet bubbles as they become one

I think about the world and what I have done

I pull the pillow to my side...

....I can't live without loving you

D              G                  A

  Supermarket lights burn in the darkness     (repeat to fade)