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Ive Returned Chords

Squeeze's songs are so catchy and immediate 
yet they often feature unusual structures. 
This is a case in point. 
Wonderful - from the magnificent Sweets From A Stranger album

Standard tuning


   I've re-turned
B          Abm     Gb   Esus2  E
   I've re-turned
B          Abm     Gb   Esus2  E  Esus2  E
   I've re-turned

Verse 1

B                         Abm
  Last night I played the drunken fiddle 
Gb                      E
  Dis-abled love with a word of dribble 
B                      Abm
  On and on about some     jumbled subject 
Gb                           E
  I said your friends were a bunch of Muppets 
G                                Em
  I said your sister should have grown a moustache 
   B              B/Bb    A        Abm
Sa-aid you didn't need to take off your mask 
G                      Em
  Down the staircase I made my stagger 
B          B/Bb          A              Abm
I left you crying but it didn't matter

Verse 2
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B                    Abm               
  So I sat inside my car in wonder
Gb                      E
  A headache in my head like the thunder
B                          Abm
  I chewed my nails like a guilty victim
Gb                           E
  I couldn't see or feel the night or nothing
G                         Em
  I wanted to explain but all so desperate
   B               B/Bb  A       Abm
Lo-ove was like it was   some in-vestment
G                       Em
  Then I don't remember who said what when
B             B/Bb    A         Abm
On a scrap of paper I placed my pen  


staccato Abm x 6, Gb

Gb                              F
  When I woke up in the morning
Gb                     G
  Beside you in the bed
Gb                              F
  My mouth was full of nothing
Gb                   Gb G Ab B C Db
  My arm around your head
D             /Db        /B        A
  And I don't know how I got there
    E              Gb    A
  I didn't want to check
D          /Db          /B     A
  Now back between each other
      E             Gb
We're salvaging our wreck
Now I've returned

Verse 3

B                              Abm
   You've thrown my jigsaw all over the floor
Gb                      E
   We're at the deepest deep
B                        Abm
  I thought our love had died forever
Gb                    Esus2  E
  But it just went to sleep


B          Abm     Gb   Esus2  E
   I've re-turned
B          Abm     Gb   Esus2  E
   I've re-turned
B          Abm     Gb   Esus2  E
   I've re-turned
B          Abm     Gb   Esus2  E  
   I've re-turned

Esus2  E   G   B

I hope I've done it justice!

Kevin O'Brien
October 2012