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Goodbye Girl Chords

Goodbye Girl         Squeeze
C              G
I met her in a pool room
Her name I didn’t catch
She looked like something special
The kind who’d understand
The room was almost spinning
She pulled another smile
She had a grace like pleasure
She had a certain style
F                  G
The sunlight on the lino
Woke me with a shake
I looked around to find her
But she’d gone
C       F
Goodbye girl
Goodbye girl
C       G
Goodbye girl

She took me to her motel
A room on the second floor
A kettle and two coffees
A number on the door
She said I hardly know you
Agreed we kissed goodnight
I knew that in the morning
Somehow I’d wake to find

The sunlight...

I’ve lost my blue address book
My club room locker keys
The money in the fur coat
It doesn’t bother me
My wife has moved to Guernsey
So, mugged is not the word
If you ever see her
Say hello goodbye girl

The sunlight...

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