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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 13:57:06 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Rev. Linda Slug" 

Here are the chords to the song What me Name? by the Jamaican funk-ethnic 
crossover artist, Reggae Spoons. His "wife" (officially they are not 
married) Joan plays bass, while Reggae plays electric and sometimes 
acoustic guitars. The following is transcribed from Spoons' only UK 
performance ever at the Citadel, St. Helens in 1988 as part of a Rasta 
Revival concert. Bootlegs of the concert are easily available in 
Liverpool city centre (Try Probe or Scene of the Crime), but the only 
official release of the song was on a jamaican only 45 which has long 
since been deleted. Reggae was a pivotal figure in the early 70s reggae 
breakthrough and was reputed to have played in bands with Desmond Dekker 
and Pete Tosh during the 1960s.

	What Me Name? - Reggae Spoons.

bass tab:

   X X X X  X X X X  X X X X  X X X X  X X X X  X X X X 
Chords: Am...  Am...    Em...    Em...    F...   G...

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Repeat throughout verse.


Chords: F...  G...    C...    C...     F...     G...      C...


RS:What me name?
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:What me name?
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:I say what me name?
Both:Your}name Reggae Spoons

Verse 2:
RS:What me play?
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:What me play?
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:Me play reggae! cos I 
Both: Reggae Spoons.

Both: Jah love me
      Jah protect me
      Jah called 
      Haile Selassie
      Jah feed me
      Jah clothe me
      Jah protect me
      From what is nasty

Verse 3: 
RS:Who gonna love ya?
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:Who gonna love ya?
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:Yeh, I gonna love ya, cos I is
Both: Reggae Spoons

Instrumental break.
Reggae sometimes plays the sax here, but on this occasion (St. Helens) a 
member of a different band, uncredited on the sleeve played the melody of 
No Woman No Cry on the pipes. It fits quite well.

Chorus 3 times

Verse 4:
RS:Time for me to go now
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:It's really time for me to go now
JS:Reggae Spoons
RS:But me want you all to buy me record called
JS:Reggae Spoons.

Chorus 5 times to end.

Transcribed by David Linley (dal23@hermes.cam.ac.uk)
on 29th November 1995. Comments or mistakes to the address above.