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The Way We Get By Chords

"The Way We Get By"

Key of A (I think)

I've never even attempted to demonstrate piano music (or even 
guitar tab) online, but I'll give it a try, because I 
accidentally figured some of this out a while ago (maybe 
partially wrong). 

With left hand I hit A-25 six times, and then the F below twice. With right 
right hand, first A below middle C, then A and C#, then A and D, 
then A and E, then A and D, then A and C#, then A and C and 
finally A. You just kinda go up and down it. Listen to the 
song for the rhythm.

For the chorus, I use a regular, A minor chord with right 
hand and an A on the left, then some C inversion (just move 
down the A from the previous chord to a G) and A G on the left 
hand, then just the A and C on the right hand and an F on the 
left hand (F chord).
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/spoon/the_way_we_get_by_crd.html ]
For the verses in which the previously mentioned right hand part 
isn't used, I just do the A and F on the left hand just the same, 
and there are some E's on the right hand, played at the same 
time as the bass notes.

For the bridge (or whatever you wish to call it), I use a left 
hand A, followed on the right hand by A, A and E, A, A and D, 
A and C, A. Left hand goes down to G, right hand plays the same 
part. Left hand goes down again to F, right hand plays same old 
part. Left hand goes to E, and at the same time right hits 
G# and B, followed immediately by G and C eleven times or so. 
This repeats, but with the bass notes playing four times (in the 
proper rhythm, of course), instead of just once. Finally the 
chords and bits right after that, I'm still hazy on (I really 
just need to listen to the song a few more times and try to 
figure it out).

I know that all of that is terrible to read and not very helpful, but
 I wouldn't know how else to present it. Just listen to the song to 
help you figure it out.