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The Size Of You Chords

Spookey Ruben:  The Size of You
From Modes of Transportation vol.1

Alright, I'm a huge fan of Spookey's, as any of my freinds will tell you, 
and this the song this is paired with on Mode's of Trans. 1 is my favorite
of his.  But, i always love hearing them together, but found only a tab for
the latter (it's not what you do, it's you).  So, i sat down and figured it
out.  It sounds best with all barre chords, and during the chorus/bridge 
(whatever you want to call it), it sounds best with a climbing effect, ie
play the Amaj7 at the neck, then climb up using barre chords.  Sounds pretty
alright to me, but if anyone has any corrections, please let me know, 
cheers, and enjoy

EMaj7		E*	      EMaj7
Imagination station, in your heart

Don't want you to stop

     EMaj7	      E*	              EMaj7
It's how the sunlight glows in your eyes and skie's

I like you alot

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/spookey_ruben/the_size_of_you_crd.html ]
Amaj7          CMaj7      EMaj7          CMaj7    g       A
Don't loose me now, as my life begins to feel the size of you---
	[during post verse, play an A with an Emaj7 thrown in near ]
	[the end of each bar, listen to the song to get it down    ]

	[Same chord's for verse and bridge respectively]:

There's something strong inside me
that reminds me of you
you make the sunbeams break down the walls around me
around me
around me don't stop

We see eye to eye, as my life begins to need the size of you

	[Play EMaj7 and E* alternating like in the verse overtop of ]
	[the radio stuff (i think most of it's spanish, cept the end]

Here's the chord i use for the alternate 'e', you can also slide up the 
neck a full octave if your playing on a cutaway.  But, I find this quite
effective.  Weather or not you let the low E ring on this chord is personal
preference i guess.
E*  :

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