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Its Not What You Do Its You Tab

Author/Artist: Spookey Ruben 
Title: It's not what you do its you 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/spookey_ruben/its_not_what_you_do_its_you_tab.html ]
My favorite Spookey song of all!  I learned from the version below this one,
but added a few things, changed the presentation, and included the full
lyrics.  The chords explained right after this little rant are mostly findable
in the origional version by Graham Thompson.  If I am describing two chords
(that are very close together) they will be listed in the sequence described
[i.e. Csus2/4 = a single line diagram of Csus2, with a single line diagram of
Csus4 to the right].  I find it easier to learn when there are some sort of 
chordlike names written above the lyrics, rather than abstract tab.  But, you
still have to know the song pretty well to get it right.  Thank you Graham
Thompson for your version, it's responsible for me knowing this awsome song, 
and putting out my spin on it.  enjoy:

Verse chords:

Csus	A7sus	Emsus	F*sus	Gsus	AB*sus		
2/4:	2/4	2/4	2/4	2/4	2/4	G**  D**
0--0-	0--0-	0--0- 	0--0-	3--3-   0--0-	7-   5-