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Partisan Chords

Intro: C-Em-Am-G


Verse I:

    I've been dreaming for so long

Em                          Am
    To see you smile right back at me

From where you are


Verse II: (c.p of verse I)
I've been wishing for so long
To see smiling back at me

Like I'm somebody special.....special


    But as I aged and as I changed

I left it all behind

Am                                G
Cause now your calls seem kind of mellow

kind of mellow, kind of mellow


Will I run to you (Even If I'm loosing hours)

           Em                                      Am               
Will I run to you (Even if I'm loosing hours of sleep)


(intro chords)

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Verse III: (c.p. of verse I)
I've been down to long
Yeah I know
I know cause the radio's been playing that same old song
That same old song


Refrain II: (c.p of refrain I)
About this regular guy
With regular hopes
And regular dreams gone stale
Coz he doesn't know where to go

where to go, where to go




Em                  Am            
We can find another break time to sit and talk a while

Em                                            Am          
I'll be your king and you'll be my queen and we'll be dancing all night

              Em                             Am                      
But its getting there, its getting to me and it's tearing me apart

          C                 Em                       
Cause I don't know where to go

         Am               G
where to go, where to go


Adlib: C-Em-Am-G
(Repeat Chorus)

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