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Have You Seen Marry Chords

Have you seen mary  - Sponge .

Tuning - half step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
This song is very easy  and fun to play with especially if your learning to sing with
My tab is not 100 % corect but if you’ll play these chords it will match song . In simple
Its easy version of a great song. There are 2 guitars in the background ,A clean 
guitar and mellow electric.

Dadd9 - 000232 Asus4  - 000230   G – 32003 or 355433    A –002220

Intro:                                                                             |
Eb                      |
Dadd9     Asus4 G

Dadd9     Asus4 G
If you see Mary please will you help her
Dadd9     Asus4 G
She seems to be looking for answers
Dadd9     Asus4 G
If you see Mary please will you help her
Dadd9     Asus4 G
with questions that go unanswered
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A                                   G
Like why does she feel all dead on the inside
 A                             G                                  A
But as a child she remembers feeling alive
who was that man that made
      A             G
my mother cry all night
A                                G
was that my father who was my father

 Repeat Chorus

A                           G
The men that walked into her life
A                             G
are no different than all the others
A                                           G
that promise the world and then they leave her
A                       G
She says I should have known better,
I should have known better

Same chors as intro .I”ll tab it another time . Its easy you can figure it out yourself.

A                                   G
Will she always feel so all alone
A                             G                                  A
Why was there never a man in her home
and will I end up like my mother
      A             G
by myself with no other
with no other

Repeat chorus

Its an easy version of a good song . I tried to match the chord  change timing . Its my
time I usually don’t tab songs. I just play the parts until I can remember them.