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Now I'm Yours Tab

Song: Now I'm yours
Band: Splint
Album: Voice
Tabbed By: Sebastian Palacios (sebtthian@hotmail.com)

B       B*     F#

E--2-   --2-   --2-
B--4-   --5-   --2-
G--4-   --4-   --3-
D--4-   --4-   --5-
A--2-   --2-   --4-
E--x-   --x-   --2-

B B^B^B* 
^ means linked
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/splint/now_im_yours_tab.html ]
The same but after when they say "oh Lord"
you must use this sequence:
F#(oh lord) THEN AGAIN(B B^B^B*)    

F# F#
B B^B^B* ( 2 times)

That's the song. If you have any questions 
email me at: sebtthian@hotmail.com
Thanks to my brov Sam for have given me this CD.