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Tom Cruise
Spit For Athena

Em          D        F#m                         C
He's waking up, and everything seems better with you by his side

Em                       D                   Em   Em
It's a brand new day and he doesn't care to die. 

Em               D          F#m                 C
Eight thirty five, he steps out for a coffee and gets shot in the face

Em                                D                       Em   Em
Everything tastes sweeter when youve had a dick in your mouth
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C                G
Oh the jokes on you

Behind every ordinary man

There's an extraordinary woman

  C                    Am
so just imagine what must be behind

the extraordinary man

We choose our lives

We're always between 

building and burning bridges

Accidents happen and we all die alone 

She's waking up
Her mouth is so swollen she can't even speak
her pussy is bleeding and he's passed out on the couch

she's going to die
when he's good and ready
and a moment sooner
we'll run out of virgins before we run out of pills

He cutoff her tits 
and raped her as she 
ran out blood
accidents happen and everyone dies alone