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From: "Sam Wander" 
Subject: s/spiritualized/come_together.crd
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 13:18:44 PDT

Come Together by Spiritualized
Album Version (Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space)
Tabbed by Sam Wander (gravitydefying@hotmail.com)

I've worked out most of it but there's saxs and loads of other instruments playing similar or the same stuff. It's not really much of a guitar song but if you can play the chords on a keyboard or whatever then it's quite good. I haven't shown where to play each part because it's really obvious.



There's a lot of Gm and a quick Bm some Cm and then go down and start again. 
Just listen to it.

Chords:   EADGBE
      G   577655
      B   799877
      C   81010988

The bit after the chorus goes like this:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/spiritualized/come_together_crd.html ]
G--9---8-7-5---9---8-7-5---9---8-7-5----12---- repeated a number of times

It's best on a sax I guess, 
the notes are: E Eb D C E Eb D C E Eb D C high-G

That's all I did and it's most of the song. 
I tried to work out the lyrics by myself so they may be wrong, 
it's hard to hear.

Little Jonny's sad and       
First he jumped and then he learnt
The tracks of time, those tracks are mine
Little Jonny's occupied

Come on, come together x2

Well little Jonny had an ache
That hung around the poor boy's name
Everytime that Jonny ached
The little     er fed the ache

Come on, come together x2

So little Jay's a        up boy 
Who told that pain could kill the joy
And little Jay's a         mess
But when offered he just says yes
Little Jay is sad and       
First he jumped and then he learnt
The tracks of time, those tracks are mine
Little Jay is occupied

Come on, come together x4

Come on x24 (yes, 24)

That's it. If you've got any questions e-mail me. 
Or if you can add to it (maybe the chorus or end part) 
as I say it's not really a guitar song, but it's a good one.