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From: chuck@spectrum.cs.unsw.oz.au (Mark Andrew Hawling)

"Bitch School" by SPINAL TAP

This is the first single from the Spinal Tap album "Break Like The Wind".

The opening riff is just based on the open A and D chords:

  A        D5

This is repeated till the line "You won't behave the way a big girl should"
when this chord sequence occurs.

E F#m G

For the chorus it is just a permutation of the opening riff with a slightly
different timing for the first two chords.

For the bridge with lyrics "No more sniffing strangers..."
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       2X         2X          1X

The not terribly devastating solo goes like this:



Note: b - is for bend
      The brackets are for the note to bend to.
      r - is for return from bend
      \ - means slide down.

Also at the end during the 'G-chord' & lyrics "You will come a little faster
,thanks too ..", this is just a bar in 5/4. The next bar for the chorus is
back to 4/4.

And remember, "Tap into TAP"