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Two Princes Chords

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Two Princes by Spin Doctors

D	      Bm		A	     G
One, two,     princes kneel 	before you  (That's what I said, now)
Princes,      princes who 	adore you   (Just go ahead, now)
One has       diamonds in his   pockets     (That's some bread, now)
This one, he  wants to buy you  rockets	    (Ain't in his head, now)
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This one, he  got a princely    racket      (That's what I said, now)
Got some big  seal upon his     jacket      (Ain't in his head, now)
Marry him,    your father will  condone you (How bout that, now)
Marry me,     your father will  disown you  (He'll eat his hat now)

G				D
Aww, marry him or marry me 	I'm the one that loves you baby can't you see?
Ain't got no future or a family tree 
But I know what a prince and lover ought to be,
I know what a prince and lover ought to be...

D	     Bm		       A	     G
Said if you  want to call me   baby         (Just go ahead, now)
And if you   want to tell me   maybe        (Just go ahead, now)
If you       wanna buy me      flowers      (Just go ahead, now)
And if you   want to talk for  hours        (Just go ahead, now)

Lyrics provided by:  Gary Adkins (gary@gnu.ai.mit.edu)

Chords provided by Brian Scherer (rbscherer@lilly.com)

 - I've got the basics of the solo.  If you want it, let me know & I'll post it.
 - RBS

veltri@vnet.ibm.com suggest:  D   E9  A  G