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Mary Jane Chords

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From: dennis.westlind@svet.lu.se (Dennis Westlind)

Spin Doctors: Mary Jane (From the album: Turn it Upside Down)

Posted by Dennis Westlind (dennis.westlind@svet.lu.se)

This is kind of an easy song, but it is so cool that it should be
posted anyway. Good message for todayÕs youth. Remember: The Kind is a
terrible thing to waste.

D     G    D    G 
Mary Jane, Mary Jane
Please donÕt leave me baby
G                     D      G      
IÕll just find you again
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D              G
I asked my uncle
D           G
If I could go
D            G
Yes, yes go out and take
Mary Jane to the picture show
D                  G
But uncle bob sighed
D                G
He could not answer
D               G
He dies one second before
In the arms of a go-go dancer


A       G
I wanna roll you
way down in the fields
where you were born
A       G
I wanna roll you
C         D
When IÕm ragged
And forlorn

(Guitar solo, chorus pattern)


You have no friend
You have no pet
If thereÕs anything better than you
You know I havenÕt found it yet

(Chorus, fade to end.)