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Tide Chords

And there's three, count 'em 
Dsus  C
three Children playing on the 

Em                                     Em          
beach, They were eager to learn, 

           Dsus            C
To be taught and to    teach 

Verse 2

There's Veronica She's biting her lip As she 
Dsus                                C
watches the waves turn white at the tip 
And there's Vada, Radiating with joy  And luckily
Dsus                               C                     C
 she still can't stand the sight of a boy 
And lastly there's Dade  His hair dances in the wind 
  Dsus                               C
And he's wondering what love is 
Em            Dsus   C
And why it has to end 

Pre Chorus

              Dsus                  D?
And he can't understand 


How everyone goes on 

G                       G/F#       C
breathing when true love ends 

       B                            B
His mother whispers quietly... 

Heaven's not a place that you go when you die 

It's that moment in life when 

       G         G/F#   C
you actually feel    alive 

B                      B
So live for the moment 

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Em                                        Em
And take this advice, live by every word 

Love is just a hoax so 

G          G/F#                         C    
forget anything that you have heard 

B                        B
And live for the moment now 

Verse  X1

There's Veronica 
She's licking her lips 
As she waits for her real, first passionate kiss 
And there's Vada 
Can't admit her jealousy 
Of her sister Veronica, and how she's so pretty (and how she's so pretty) 
Lastly there's Dade 
Still sitting on the dock 
Ponders his life, and he skips his rocks 
And he wonders when his father will return 
But he's not coming back 

Chorus X1

Verse X1
But the sad thing Is that they never lived passed the 
               D               C                      
age of fifteen Due to    neglect 
from their mother  Who was bed ridden by 
        D           C                    C
her ex-lover, their father 

Em                                   Em
She didn't even notice, or pay much attention 
         D                                         C
As the tide came in and swept her three into the ocean 

Em               Em
Now all her advice, 

       D   C
it seems   useless 

Chorus X1   …live by every word, “loves’s completely real, so forget…”
   Dsus    D?