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Night Will Go As Follows Chords

Hi. This is my first tab. I've never been able to listen to a song and pick up on it,
so I'm pretty proud of myself. I have no idea what the intro is but someone else tabbed
it. Another tab I saw said capo on 2nd fret, so I'll go with that, but do what you want,
it's easier to hit the notes vocally with no capo. Good luck. 

Intro and Verse:

   E               A
In a romantic   fashion....

I will experiment with my fear right before her eyes 
And every smile that's unveiled will be soaked 
In my nervous charm 


and then I'll say....

Db            B     A     (listen to the song for strumming)

   is everything alright...
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There's been a few things I've been meaning 
To let go of tonight" 
And she will say 
"Everything's just fine 
So you can put an end to your worrying mind" 

....and then our lips will collide

The August sky will then bare witness 

To a brand new chapter with torn up pages 

 B                                 A
   When the planets align, I can feel the gates opening... 

To my courage 
As I proceed to run my fingers through her hair 
And forget everyone who's jaded, 'cause they don't matter 
And I don't care 

Verse 2:

In a confident fashion 
I will admit my deepest and darkest to her 
And every gaze across the table 
Will send my unsuspecting body into shock 

Bridge 2: