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Viva Forever Chords

HI THERE! My name is Ben, and this is my first tab I've posted on here, so please don't
judge me wrongly or give me bad comments... Give the teen a chance!

Ok, firstly, you'll need to use Standard Tuning (The normal tuning for most guitars, and
what tuning you'll be playing the most of all - EADGBE), and you'll also need to put
the CAPO on the 6th fret! That's right, the '6th fret!'. If you don't have a capo (or a
clamp), you'll have to force yourself to play what's known as a 'bar chord position', where
you hold your index finger down, on all 6 strings at the indicated fret, and THEN play
the chords shown. It's very difficult to do, and it's even harder to hold down all 6
strings at once all of the way through the song, whilst using the other 3 usable fingers 
to play the indicated chords on this tab. It is not recommended.

So - about the song that I have transposed. The chords were relatively easy to play and
to figure out (for me anyway). The only problem for novices, is when attempting to
switch from one chord to the other, you must play each chord to the next in a split
second, without stopping, or hesitating, but you must still play the WHOLE LENGTH of 
that chord,
and manage to keep up to the song, without going too far ahead or behind. So for this
reason, I've put the difficulty at novice, although it can be also listed as intermediate
also. So, this is how you read the tabs that I post:

Play the chords as shown on this tab (and future tabs that I post as well), exactly when
the words to the lyrics reach towards that chord. For example, when a word has been
said with a chord directly above it, you'll need to instantly play that chord, in which the
first chord on the 1st verse is Amin (which is really Ebmin, without a capo), then the
second chord afterwards is Emin (which is actually Bmin), etc. Do you understand? Great!
So, good luck with this piece, and I'll post more tabs soon!

KEY INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE: When playing the chord G/B (Gtype3) on the first,
second verse and middle 8 - also known as bridge or build up - strum that chord ONCE, as you
will really be playing it just before the next lyrics appear - A bit like this:
       C                      g/B(Gtype3)-Am
... my love has said to me                Both of us were dreamers ...

On the chorus, just play the C chord for 1/2 a bar, and the G/B (Gtype3) chord for the
other half of that bar.

Because the chords i'm showing don't give a good indicator of those warnings, remember

Chords Information:

Am (X02210)
Em (022000)
C  (X32010) OR (332010 - for intermediate players)
F  (XX3211) OR (133211 - for intermediate players)
Fmaj7 (XX3210) OR (133210 - for intermediate players)
G6/B  (X20030) OR Gtype3 (320030 - for intermediate players)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/spice_girls/viva_forever_crd_ver_6.html ]
Strum Pattern: That's up to you! In my opinion, try and make it original, and develop a
strum pattern arrangement with the chords provided! :D

Thank you so much |' AZ Lyrics '|, for posting these lyrics for everyone to see and use.
I'll only be using your hard work for information purposes only.

Bar number (4/4 Beat - 4 beats in a bar)
1  2   3        4
Am |Em |F Fmaj7 |C  | - (Play a rest note (play NOTHING AT ALL) until verse


Verse 1:

Do you still remember

How we used to be

F                 Fmaj7
Feeling together, believe in whatever

   C                      G/B(Gtype3)
My love has said to me

Both of us were dreamers

Young love in the sun

F                        Fmaj7
Felt like my saviour, my spirit I gave ya

     C                    G/B(Gtype3)
We'd only just begun


Am       Em
Hasta Ma-nana,

F  Fmaj7   C
Al-ways be mine


Gtype3 - Am            Em
Viva for-ever, I'll be waiting

     F         Fmaj7

Like the sun

Gtype3 - Am
Live for-ever,

For the moment

     F         Fmaj7
Ever searching

For the one


Verse 2:

... Yes I still remember,

Every whispered word

    F                          Fmaj7
The touch of your skin, giving life from within

       C                          G/B(Gtype3)
Like a love song that I'd heard

Slipping through our fingers,

Like the sands of time

    F                    Fmaj7
... Promises made, every memory saved

    C                             G/B(Gtype3)
Has reflections in my mind


Am       Em
Hasta Ma-nana,

F  Fmaj7   C
Al-ways be mine

[Repeat Chorus Above]

Middle 8 / Bridge / Build Up (etc):


... Back where I belong now,

Was it just a dream

F                          Fmaj7
Feelings unfold, they will never be sold

        C                        G/B(Gtype3)
And the secret's safe with me


Am       Em
Hasta Ma-nana,

F  Fmaj7   C
Al-ways be mine

[Chorus x2 (to finish)]

Thank you so much for looking at my tab(s)! If there are any problems with this tab,
like if it doesn't sound correct or just doesn't fit in to the original song itself, rate
this LOW for me. With that information at my disposal, I can then see if any
improvements should be made on future transposing. If it's right / correct, 4 or 5 stars 
will do.
Remember, if I have the community's support, I can post much better tabs/chords in the future!

See you later, have a nice day!

Ben :D