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Beach Song Chords

Artist: Speechwriters LLC
Song Title: Beach Song
Tabber: Ethan

Intro: D, D/B, G, C9

Verse/Chorus: D, D/B, G, C9


Verse 1:

Woke up this morning it was 1969 and I was
D/B                                                 G                                     C9
Tangled up like christmas lights around an old girlfriend of mine
We'd watch the east bring up the dawn, race west and drink our kisses as the
Sun sank down to drown within the sea

Verse 2:

Seasons came and seasons went, love got made and love got meant
Wake up late to pass out spent, play all day and pay the rent
And things were finally starting to make sense, the world was ours to save
And every day it seemed like it could last forever

Verse 3:

Woke up from that dream and it was 2001
Shirts tucked in and drinks with gin and living on the run
Our happy ending never got around to getting done, it seems like
Everyone's still playing games but they sure don't look like fun, and they tell me

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You don't have to change the world, you don't have to save the girl
D/B                                                               G                          C9
You don't have to live your life like you believe in something more
You shouldn't want for her to wait, you're pretty good but you're not great
Just sit back down and take your mind off everything you think you should do

Verse 4:
People I meet say to cover your feet and try a different pair of shoes every night
But what do you do when it's shoe number two that seems to be the one you fit just right
Do you go ahead and roll with the moment even though you both know it's gonna hurt 
like a mother when your foot comes out
Or do you throw it away and keep shopping or think about stopping there to wear it 
till the sole gives out

Chorus 2:
And I'll be back to change the world, sing my songs and get that girl
And I will try to live my life like I believe in something more
And when it all seems less than great I guess I'll put my trust in fate
Just sit back down and take my mind off and try to stop aching for you 

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