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Unstitch Your Mouth Tab


Artist - Sparta
Album - Threes
Song - Unstitch Your Mouth
Tuning - Dropped D


This song stays relatively the same throughout until about 2:18 when everything kicks in. 
All you need to do is scale up and down these chords in the order throughout. Sometimes
they change the picking order and will skip the middle open string, sometimes theyll
scale it completely. Just listen for the picking and order and youll hear the 
"up and down" flow of the song. It is quite repetitive til it nears the end, and the only way
to play it perfectly would be to memorize the little changes and improvisations in the picking
all the way through, if you want to you can do that on your own.

Part 1 - This is the first part you hear at the intro. Im only dividing it into
two because sometimes they play the second part more than once. and i like to type i guess.


Part 2 - This is the closing to the first part, but sometimes when Jim starts singing
more seriously theyll play this twice in a row. Be wary of the times they do this, it 
stars happening after the first verse when the music picks up. Just listen for it.


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Bridge - This is at about 2:18 where the song changes and gets heavier. The deeper
rythym guitar plays along the chords i show, and the other plays the higher
somewhat effected one.

Rythm - The only change in this part is right near the end of the song before
Jim starts singing "ohhhh", the two higher chords just alternate for a couple bars.
Ill show it. This is the way I play the rythm, sounds good, may not be perfect.

D|--2-2-2-2---x-x---x--x--x--x----x-x---at end alternate:---x--x--x--x----x-x|

Lead - This is the high effected part. Its hard to make out if there are
any lower strings being played, but you can hear the highest notes easily. The 
picking order changes and you need to listen for it. Its not difficult
and can be improvised. There may also be a middle string, and ill update that when
I have more time. Play this order like the rythm above. Again, i may edit 
this part, and it may not be perfect.

G|--5--5--5--5---7---10----10----10----10----9----at end alternate:-10---9---|

Anyway, thats the tab, its pretty easy, just scale and listen for the patterns.
Change it how you like, but this way sounds good. The lead part is hard to hear so
fool around with it if you want. Enjoy.

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note