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Tits Chords


Intro:  C  Am  Dm  G/B  (repeat)

C           Am             Dm 
Harry, it's good of you to stay 
     G/B           C
Hear every word I say 
    Em            C
And not just duck away 

A                               G                Bm
God, these drinks are something warm and watered down 
 				     A              Am
Barkeep, how 'bout some ice, hey, Harry sit back down 
C                              C7          G  
Say, that little thing there's fine from behind 
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C             C7         G        C      
They all look good after three or four, 
   F									    C
So drink Harry, drink Harry, drink 'til you can't see no more
   Bb           C       Bb      
of anything, no more of anything 
F									 C
Drink Harry, drink Harry, drink 'til you can't see no more 

For months, for years, 
Tits were once a 
source of fun and games at home 

    C       Am    Dm            G/B       
And now she says, tits are only there
   C        Fm     C
to feed our little Joe
   Fm         C      Fm   G
So that he'll grow into a man 

Harry, it's really rough at home 
I've caught her on the phone 
Hey, who's that on the phone? 

Oh, that's no one dear, The standard sort of line 
Harry, you know me well, You know that I'm not blind 
Hey, you ain't been drinking Don't you know I'm buying? 


How well I know 
Tits were only there for fun 
and games at home 

And now she says... 

God, the room is spinning round hey, drive me home old pal 
God, you sure get around Harry, I know it's you who's breaking up my home 
Harry, don't say a word, just drop me off at home 
Harry, forgive me Harry, let's have just one more 

It's all so good after three or four(3X) 


by: Josť Duarte