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Hospitality On Parade Chords

Hospitality On Parade

Someday we'll have one extra coastline 
F#                B        /E  /F# 
We'll tire of the Atlantic 
By then we'll be rid of your lot 
  A                                        B
A shot heard 'round the world will soon be shot, will soon be shot 

'Til then have some tea and tobacco 
F#                  B        /E  /F#
Hey Jenny meet your master 
Be nice, show him kindness and such 
   E           B
Be kind to our master 

       E            B               E              B 
But of feeling is a-brewing that we don't need any masters 
          E            B             E            B
'Cause we all can be a master and we all can be a king 
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B                        /G#          F#
We speak and we sing the way that you do 
And showed you our hospitality on parade 
B                        /G#       F#
But now we are we, we're no longer you 
To offer that hospitality on parade 

Today you're going to find their descendants 
In places all around you 
You're faced with the easiest task 
How best to act a king when always treated like a king 

Lunch counters, at banks and the theatre 
Kind help right there to serve you 
Men selling, and girls selling too 
And everyone's special 

We all are someone special, yes we all are someone special 
For we all are someone special where the customer is king 

Chorus #2:
Whoever you are, whoever you bring 
You'll find that hospitality on parade 
However you look, you're always a king 
Wherever there's hospitality on parade 

B          F#  B          F# 
Hospitality,   hospitality    (repeat)
I'm special, you're special, he's special, she's special 
          E       B           E        B
We're all someone special and I am the king 

Chorus & Chorus #2 

by: Josť Duarte