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Here Comes Bob Chords

Artist:     Sparks
Song:       Here Comes Bob
Album:      A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing
Tabbed by:  Wiktor Kołowiecki


Note: I know there's something fishy about the end, but 
it's still more accurate than the other tab on this site.

Intro: A C#m A-D-A
A           C#m              A - D - A 
When I spot a driver worth a second glance 
A                   E             C#m
Foot to floorboard, impact soon achieved
Bm                              A           D   Bm7   E 
Here comes Bob, I ain’t subtle in my ways of making friends

A              C#m                   A - D - A 
Girl this rubbled mess was caused by my neglect
A                      E             C#m 
Of course I'll pay and by the way my dear
Bm                              A           D   Bm7   E 
Here comes Bob, I ain't subtle in my ways of making friends

A C#m A-D-A A E C#m

Here comes Bob
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Dm               G7               C               A
Sometimes I will stoop to hitting two-door coupes without the frills
But that is just for casual acquaintances, for stripped-down thrills
Your car girl or mine it doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter no
But for affairs with staying power I go after limousines
Its always nice if something big is acting as your go-between
And for a group encounter I'll hit busses, mobile homes or trains to 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A              C#m                  A - D - A 
It's hard to make acquaintances in our big town
A                   E             C#m
Most eyes stare at nothing much at all
Bm                               A             D  Bm7  E      
But here comes Bob I aint subtle in my ways of making friends, 
 F        E       A
friends, acquaintances

A            C#m            A - D - A 
Instant adulation comes to some at birth
A                  E            C#m
Born to queens or corporate entities
But here comes Bob 
Bm                  F#
Someday they’ll put me away 
Bm                   F#
I’ll think back on active days 
Bm                   F#
most were worth the minor cars
Bm                   F#
Some were worth the damaged cars 
Bm                  F#
And the judge will say to me
Bm                 F#             D    Bm7   E 
"Bob, You’ve got a bad means to a worthwhile end"
F     F#   E     A
Well, here comes Bob


Lublin, Poland