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Here Comes Bob Chords

Here Comes Bob
A                            D      A 
When I spot a driver worth a second glance 
Foot to floorboard, impact soon achieved
Bm							    Bm7    A 
Here comes Bob, I ain’t subtle in my ways of making friends

A                                    D     A 
Girl this rubbled mess was caused by my neglect
Of course I'll pay and by the way my dear
Bm							    Bm7    A 
Here comes Bob, I ain't subtle in my ways of making friends
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Here comes Bob
Sometimes I will stoop to hitting two-door coupes without the frills
But that is just for casual acquaintances, for stripped-down thrills
Your car girl or mine it doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter no
But for affairs with staying power I go after limousines
Its always nice if something big is acting as your go-between
And for a group encounter I'll hit busses, mobile homes or trains to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It's hard to make acquaintances in our big town
Most eyes stare at nothing much at all
But here comes Bob I aint subtle in my ways of making friends, acquaintances

Instant adulation comes to some at birth
Born to queens or corporate entities
But here comes Bob Someday they’ll  put me away 
I’ll think back on active days most were worth the minor cars
Some were worth the damaged cars And the judge will say to me
"Bob, You’ve got a bad means to a worthwhile end"
Well, here comes Bob

by: José Duarte