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Good Morning Chords

Good Morning 
Am          C G       Am       C G
Good morning,     who are you?
  Am       C G     Am       C G
I woke up      and saw you
    Am      C G     Am       C G
I'm dreaming, still dreaming
F				    E
My life is now about to have some meaning

Good morning, I'm thinking
I must have been drinking
And said something clever
It must have been the best line from me ever

C                   G         Dm
Thank you, God, for something rare as this
           C               G      Dm
What surely must have been a holy night of bliss
C                    G         Dm
Gratitude for having thought of me
            C                  G       Dm
I know your time is tight, and yet you thought of me
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Good morning, you woke up
Got dressed up, hair messed up
While I fix you breakfast
I hope it's just your laugh that is infectious

Good morning in sorrow
I know that tomorrow
You'll be with some winner
Who's richer, younger, maybe even thinner

Rubles in the bank and petrol in the tank 
Of some Mercedes Benz Who spends and spends and spends 
on booked up restaurants, a thousand phony fronts
But will he ever wish you a good morning?

Thank you, God...

    Am                   E     G                     D
And did I stumble have a fall, hit my head against a wall
Am                        E      G                             D
At some point did we trade vows? Are you just some high-priced service from uptown?

Good morning, buon giorno
Ohayo, Buenas dias
Hey, where you going? Hey, where you going?
Does dasvedonya really mean good morning?

Please spare me derision
I'll do my rendition
A lengthy recital
Of every song with foolish in the title

by: Josť Duarte