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Bb                       Dm
The rain is falling down I feel like a dog that's been kicked out into the
       C#                                G
street I know that dogs can't drive cars but that's about the only difference between us 
But wait,

C   							Em
There's a rainbow over the freeway and I think I feel the morning sun
Am                          G
Another song is number one, golden days have just begun

F             C                     G
Change. Every dog is gonna have his day
F             C                     G
Change. Every loser's gonna have his way
F               C                      G
Change. I don't care what other people say
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Well, you can't argue all day long about whether love really exists or not
It's a complete waste of time like arguing about whether Santa Claus really exists or 
I got better things to do with my time

I got places that I've gotta be and people that I've got to see
Mountains that I have to ski, Golden days ahead of me

Chorus +
Change. I know everything will be OK

Paradise was here, paradise is gone
Greece and Rome were here, Greece and Rome are gone
The Wild West was here, the Wild West is gone
C                                              F  D  
 D  F  D  F  D
Vaudeville was here, vaudeville is gone


You know I've been thinkin' we'll get back together again someday
Your hair will be some weird color by then Maybe we'll just start off again as friends I 

Chorus +
Change. I know everything will be OK

Chorus +
Change. Just ignore them and they'll go away

by: Josť Duarte