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Achoo Chords

Key: D major
Tempo: Medium beat
Vocal range: high tenor to falsetto 
(d to high c)
Music & lyrics by Ron Mael (1974)

Intro: D/Bb G/F d

Who knows what the 
wind's  gonna bring when the 
(Bm)              (d)
invalids sing "La-la's"
       (F#)                         (Bm)
With a powerful sting sting that'll stop
any opera or any Bing
(G)          (B)       (A)
Sing, spread the news across the land
(G) (c)             (F)  (G)
All winners will be also-rans
  (d)      (F#) (Bm)
Achoo! One size fits ev'ryone
  (d)      (F#)        (Bm)
Achoo! One breath, the deed's been done
[ Tab from: ]
Grey hair, and a 
dash and a flair give your
Doctor an air - I'm hurt
But the choice that you made is an
obvious one for a girl who needs care
I do hope that he makes you well
Say, is there any cure for hell?

Chorus (repeat)

(G)   (B)               (A)
Sing, Ile de France and ev'rywhere
(G) (c)               (F)     (G)
You can't ignore that sort of air

Chorus (repeat)
G (4 bars)
[change from 4/4 to 5/4 beat]
 (d)(A)(d)  (A) (d) (A7) (d)
 open wide, open wide and say,
[back to 4/4] 
(d)(A)(d)(A7) (d)     (F#)        (Bm)
open wide and say goodbye, you'll be Okay


  (d) (F#)        (Bm)
Achoo! He's gonna whisk you away
  (d) (F#)        (Bm)
Achoo! He's gonna make you OK
Achoo (repeat till fade)