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Space Is The Place Chords

Song: Space is the Place
Artist: Spacehog
From the Album "Resident Alien"

I know there is a post for this already, but I felt that it wasn't complete or was a little
confusing.  This is much easier.  I play this through my Epi Les Paul Standard and my Peavey
Tube Amp.  Crank up the distortion too.

Cords used:
A5-  577xxx
C#5- x466xx
D5- x577xx
C5- x355xx
E5- x799xx
B5- 799xxx

A5, C#5, D5 (after playing D5, you quickly play D5, C#5, C5 and C#5 again, listen to the song,
you will figure it out)
A5, C#5, D5, E5
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Verse: The verse is the same pattern as the intro, except it is just mostly bass, the guitar
comes in to play the D5, C#5, C5, C#5 part and the D5, E5 part, once again, listen to the song
and it will make sense

The chorus goes like this:

	    A5           C#5             D5          D5 A5 B5 A5
	"Space is the place that I will go when I feel all alone"

It repeats this way the whole chorus

At 1:32 into the song there is a little pause, I just hit my tremolo peddle and play A5
This part only last a few seconds

That?s about it for the song.  If you got any questions or corrects, email me at