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Ship Wrecked Tab

I couldn't find a tab of this anywhere online, so I decided to do it myself.  There's a 
of layers of noise during the song (chorus especially), so certain parts were hard to 
right, but it sounds okay to me.  If anyone can improve on it, please let me know
at  Enjoy.

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A              D
I wonder as I wandered
D        A
Do you wonder me?
  D                A
I always sit, and think of you
    D        A
And smile in memory

         F#           C#
So if you raise a glass to love you passed
  D       E               A   F#
Won't you raise a glass to me
        A   C#        F#     B
Cause I'm lonely as a sailor
D       E            A
Ship Wrecked on the sea

VERSE 2 (same chords)
I always thought the captain's wife
she's the one for me
she may not be a painting
but she's the one for me


A           D        A      C#
And as the stars fly by me
A      D     A        C#
So the ocean binds me

Repeat second half of chorus and then full chorus.  Outro is about the
same as the intro; fiddle with it, play around.